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Due Diligence
A good friend opened a seafood importing company some years ago. His motto, emblazoned on their jackets, was, "If it smells like fish, we won't sell it." If only that were true of all businesses for sale in the market today. Not all sellers are honest, and not all buyers are smart. Too often a potential owner can 'fall in love' with the idea of owning and find out the truth regarding that business's true profitability many months later.

It is most important that, when buying a business, the assets be represented to you, the buyer, with a certain standard of care. We will examine the operations and accounts of a business in advance of the sale in the areas of revenue, profit, labor, IT, and marketing, and deliver reports to you that will outline in depth the company's viability and its comparative worth in proportion to the asking price.

Our services include:
  • Document gathering
  • Market analysis
  • Financial analysis and projections
  • Supplier/vendor analysis
  • Labour efficiency, training, and productivity analysis
  • Workforce demographics
  • Real estate lease analysis - if applicable
  • IT systems overview
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