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Health Care QI
Picture hospital food. Now picture Organic Micro Greens with Balsamic Spritz followed by Seared Ahi Tuna with Smashed Potato. Can't put the two pictures together? We can.

What is QI? In the West it's an acronym for Quality Improvement - in China Qi (chi) is a vital force; the unimpeded circulation of the body's energy and the balance of its negative and positive forms, held to be essential to good health.

What is our QI? It is Syntuitive's approach to modernising food delivery for patients in health care facilities. QI improves quality and nutritional balance without raising costs and implements new services to raise revenues and support higher standards. The QI technique is not intrusive; we work within the existing environment as a team with the facility's nutritionists and food operations professionals to determine and implement the best path forward.

Services include:
  • Assessment and analysis of current state
  • Implementation of modern financial and management controls
  • Menu reinvention - finding flavour and quality using current nutritional guidelines
  • Service and operational systems and standards
  • Productivity reviews and labour efficiency
  • Revenue enhancement - tiered menu offerings allowing an 'upper class' delivery side-by-side with existing kitchen operations
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