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People make or break a business – it’s an old adage, but old adages are often on point. The positive dynamics of good leadership have an essential place in the success of an operation.

Syntuitive’s network of chefs and managers at the executive level is personal, built from decades of working with top-notch leaders that have demonstrated the ability to be successful in this competitive industry. We are continually augmenting our talent pool as chefs and managers emerge.

Syntuitive only endorses candidates who have been internally screened. The approval process is thorough and proven. Clients can be assured that our candidates will bring extraordinary results to the kitchen, dining room, and on the P&L statement.

  • If you are an employer with an environment that is attractive to top performers, where chefs and managers would be proud to work for the next 5 years, contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Top-calibre performers in the industry at the senior and executive levels interested in becoming part of our talent pool can submit a CV, salary requirements and five outstanding professional endorsements by email or fax – see our Contact Us page.
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